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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Crifiu Group LIVE on Rai Uno Channel next Saturday, Octber 4th

Al di la delle Nuvole CRIFIU

The Crifiu group will be on Rai Uno channel next Saturday, Octber 4th, at 2.P.M inside Tv programme “Linea Blu”  after national newscast TG1

I Crifiu are the only band from Puglia who attended the concert on May 1th in Piazza S. Giovanni in Rome. On that occasion the Crifiu presented live their new song “Al di la delle Nuvole”.

Crifiu group has an original sound identity (a mix between pop, rock, electronic music , world music and mediterranean melodies ) and a powerful visual impact in their live concerts.

The band was also the protagonist of the Sziget Festival in Budapest (Hungary), the greatest music festival in Europe.

Listen "Al di là delle nuvole" song: