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12° National Convention of Australian people from Trentino

12° National Convention of Australian people from Trentino

The people from Trentino who live in Australia are about 5000. Between Friday April 22 and Sunday April 24 at Myrteford there was the 12° National Convention of Australian People from Trentino. The 2016 meeting was the occasion to celebrate also the 50° anniversary of Father Ferruccio Bertagnolli's clerical job and the 50° anniversary of the Myrtleford Trentino Club foundation.

In the delegation from Trento, the provincial council members Lucia Maestri e Claudio Civettini. To the convention partecipated also the Parliament Minister representative for the North East Zone of the Victoria State Tim McCurdy, Myrtleford's mayor, Ron Janas. For the emigration from Trentino world the president of Trentini Clubs Association Alberto Tafner and Giada Degasperi and emigrants and relatives coming from Australia various residence's places.

During the evening the performance of Myrteford's Gruppo Folk Trentino  and the entertainment show in Trentino's dialect by Loredana Cont.