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Third edition of the sardinian dance’s flash mob at Sassari

Third edition of the sardinian dance's flash mob at Sassari

The third edition of the sardinian dance's falsh mob was on April 27 in Italy Squadre at Sassari, organized by the folk group Sa Pintadera from Sassari. The initiative was born in 2014 with the aim to sensitize and to draw attention above the folklore and the sardinian dance.
This year, the third meeting, the folk group wanted to give space beyond the tradition and dance, even to the Cavalcata sarda topic, in light of the problems appeared for the event's organization with the local city council.

It has been decided that the circle should have been enriched with a new meaning: giving space even to the protest, choosing to move up the event and getting involved other three groups from Sassari that wanted to collaborate (Città di Sassari, Thathari and San Nicola) and that dont agree with the rotation imposed by the municipality.