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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana




Tarantella particular which was celebrated on the feast of St. Joseph, March 19 of each year, and tradition has it that every "vicinanzu" on the occasion of this holy day the children were marked early in the morning to pick up the blessed bread at the devout families, and the goodness of families devoted to the saint did not stop only in this dispensation of blessed bread, but it was so that anyone could I would say he had to go to lunch at the same, it was a lunch special, full of life, tradition , but above all love for others, usually the guests had the opportunity to taste the following dishes: "fasuli Russian n'dra piñata" (pinto beans cooked in special clay pots called Pignate), "laganu cu ciciri" ( a special pasta typical of Mormanno topped with the excellent chickpea grown in Pantano), and "cod frittu" (fried cod) in the month preceding the guys in the neighborhood of the village, they had a daunting task trying to collect a quantity of firewood that they can raise for that date a beautiful bonfire in honor of the holy in the evening every person who wanted to could celebrate dancing this dance around the bonfire, until late at night