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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Dances: Puglia


  • Pizzica Pizzica and Pizzica and Fencing (from Salento to the whole Bari, Matera in Basilicata’s Ionian area was widespread until the last policy and social struggles of the name of the pinch pinch to indicate a lively dance of torque that flanked or sometimes mingled with the tarantella same; linked to the therapeutic ritual of tarantism, the pinch pinch appears as a term in the choral sources only from the early years of the nineteenth century., today the practice alive in the original forms of the dance is almost extinct, from the morphological point of view several documents gathered from the video replay of the elderly, bind the pinch pinch to a larger subset of the Apulian-Lucania southern tarantella; once the dance also included the invitation with the delivery of the handkerchief from the second half of the 90s in Salento Lecce some operators have issued a neo-pinches situation completely different from the structures and style of traditional executive, selling it as a dance DOC, a niche market mainly youth has transposed this new myth as a sort of “alternative” along with a sense of collective fascination produced by the rediscovery of the phenomenon of tarantism; near Lecce, near Brindisi and Tarantino is practiced by men only duellata the form of pinches, called pinches fencing or screen, and there are different ways of shielding and the fencers are often linked to the world prison and sedentary Roma [See specific page on this website: / pinches])
  • The Pinch of Love (also known as Asia Minor or Pizzicarella, ballad with the sword dance, dance of courtship and challenge: both male, with the struggle of knives called “swords”, both female)
  • The Pizzica Taranta (dance music therapy, with roots in Arab culture, used for healing bites of tarantulas and snakes, but also for the care of any imbalance of psychological malaise and masked behind the sting of such animals)


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