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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Dances: Lazio


  • Stornello or refrain
  • Lavanderina (in the regions belonging to the former state of the Church was widespread until a few decades ago, a dance said, according to the places, lavanderina, lavandera, lavandara, laundress dance or dance handkerchief is an ancient dance pantomime character to narrative and representative of general circulation in Europe since the late Middle Ages, as already mentioned branle des lavandères Thoinot by Arbeau in sec. XV in France, this type of dance was to have a wide spread throughout the peninsula, in the last century Belli cited this dance along with the pop-up dancing as one of the most popular used in Rome, there is still a widespread transformation singing and playful as children play under the name of “the beautiful lavanderina” while some versions sung and mimed called for a dialogue between a man and a laundress, in which shone as predominant aspect of the courtship, the versions of Romagna so far emerged from the descriptions mnemonic had lost the text dialogue and came in forms influenced by the cabal or quadrille)
  • Saltarello


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