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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Dances: Campania


  • Tarantella
  • Dancing on the drum (usually the large family of tarantella, spread around the Vesuvius in Campania, have been identified so far 3-4 typological different sub-genres of dance on the drum: the domiziano (with a strong correspondence between sound and musical repertoire) , that Vesuvius (still well maintained and structured), the Lattaro (tending to “vutata” in a clockwise direction) and Nocera-Sarno (in an advanced state of corruption). [See specific page on this website: ]).
  • Tammurriate (which still create an atmosphere while celebrating ecstatic Dionysian rites linked to the Virgin Mary in a plot typical of the syncretic religion Southern)
  • Mascherada (typical dance of Serinense, in the province of Avellino, carnival story in music and dance, a misadventure of Pulcinella represented in the spectacle of “Zeza”)
  • Tarantella MonMomenti of Vitarano (Ballad for three days accompanies the life and death of Carnival)
  • Pastoral

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