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The sicilian Fasola, the carnival and harvest’s dance

The sicilian Fasola, the carnival and harvest's dance

The Fasola is a sicilian tradizional dance.

The Tubbiana's Fasola during the carnival period is the most common dance and at the same time the most cheerful and charming in Sicily, as to say a tarantella accompanied with the song “Carnascialata dei Pulcinelli”. While women used to dance the fasola, men accompany them with the singing. It's a very old dance, danced in the courtyards and used during carnival. A variation was the Fasola, danced in the same way but typical of the harvest period to thank God for the good crop of the season.

In the last two carnival days, called ”del pecorajo “, it appears some masks called ”picurari ” sheep-skin dressed with gold bells around the neck and armed with bludgeons. Some dances are organized called ” lu sonu ”: so the ”ruggera”, the ”papariana”, the ”purpu “, the”capona ” and the ”fasola ” that is the most exciting dance, similar to the tarantella from Sorrento, are danced.