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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



“Dalle belle città” – Songs of the people from Risorgimento to Resistance

Ambrogio Sparagna, the Orchestra Popolare Italiana and Coro Amarcanto in concert in Ravenna for 25 April. With this show, to be held at the Teatro Alighieri at 21, the city of Ravenna celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Liberation.

Dalle belle città

This concert concludes the series on the history of Italian social song that Ambrogio Sparagna has realized in recent years through the production of original projects dedicated to the 150th anniversary of national unity (Oh my Italy), and songs of the First World War (The trenches of the heart).

Seventy years after the Liberation, the show "Dalle belle città" says the movements of the mind and heart of those simple men who sought solace in the inhumanity of war through the voice and the power of poetry sung.

A show where there are so many dialects, many voices and  popular musical expressions that have so intimately shaped our nation's history.

The monographic dedicated to the Resistance is characterized by some of the classical repertoire of songs partisans and some "cunti" that tell the arrival of the Americans in Sicily and the martyrdom of Italian soldiers in Kefalonia.

The story of the war ends with the strength of an extraordinary tragicomic Tammuriata black. The show ends with the memory of a dramatic Workers' day told in song Sicilian Portella della Ginestra.