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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



The Night of Taranta

This year again in Puglia took place the longest night of Italian folk music: 150,000 fans arrived to Melpignano (close to Lecce) to attend the " Night of Taranta", the final concert of this event so tied to historical memory of Puglia's people.

The Antidoto Tarantulae original intro, written by Master Conductor Giovanni Sollima, opened the event. The text was written by Jesuit Athanasius Kircher in the Seventeenth Century.
The cellist brought on stage the "Venticello", an orchestra made up of 20 cellos, which are instruments as strongly related to the body as Taranta is.

The concert was divided into two parts: the first at 7 PM, the second at 10.45 PM with "Venticello" and "Orchestra Popolare della Notte della Taranta".

A touch of internationalization was brought to the event by the presence of Spanish artist Miguel Angel Berna - follower of tarantism and great interpreter of flamenco - and Hungarian violinist Roby Lakatos, with his gypsy music.
On the stage to warm up their fans, popular Italian artists such as Emma Marrone, Alfio Antico, Niccolò Fabi and Max Gazzé.
Not only music but also wine and food were put in the spotlight, through the collateral event "The food of the Taranta", where a Salento’s food based menu showcased the Puglia’s culture to the world.