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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



The Orchestraccia group on Cesaroni set.

L'Orchestraccia e i Cesaroni

Have you recognized them  in Cesaroni episode last night ? Yes, the Orchestraccia group!

If you haven’t seen them yesterday evening on Channel 5 click on the video at the top!

In the beautiful atmosphere of the artistic club Caracciolo , the Cesaroni cast took the stage, this time not only for acting, but with the Orchestraccia has performed in an outstanding performance of " Quanto sei bella Roma" popularly known as "Gira se la voi girà, canta se la voi cantà"

The Orchestraccia , Roman folk-rock group , combines music and theater.

The group borns from the desire to try an innovative  entertainment  form . The group reprises the Roman authors folk and reinterprets them without altering original melody