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It’s Italian the most long-lived woman in the world

It's Italian the most long-lived woman in the world

Emma Martina Luigia Morano is the name of the most long-lived woman in the world and she lives at Pallanza (Verbania), she was born at Civiasco (Vercelli) on 29 novembre 1899, and is now the only person in the world to be born before 1st January 1900.

She became Italian and European dean on April 2 2003. On agosto 14 2015 she became the most long-lived Italian person of all times, passing the previous record of the italian american Dina Manfredini (1897-2012).

Emma Moran is now the most long-lived woman in the world. In New York is dead Susannah Mushatt Jones, who was 116 years old and 307 days. The woman from Verbania instead is La verbanese 116 years old and 165 days.

Emma Morano was already Italian and European dean, and can now be the proud holder of the dean of the mankind title. Furthermore she is 10 in the rank of the most long-lived person of all times, and within 10 days she will rise to the 9 place.

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