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Closes Appennino ParoleMusica 2015


Last appointments for ParoleMusica 2015, a series of concerts, readings and performances dedicated to the “Voci che raccontano l’Arte nel cuore dell’Appennino bolognese”, organized by the Union of Municipalities of the Appennino bolognese.

From February to date we have followed events with great personalities of the Italian art scene; among others Simone e Nicolò Bottasso, Riccardo Tesi, Carlo Maver, Valerio Corzani, Stefano Saletti, Simone Cristicchi, etc.

In this weekend the final two rounds. Friday 17 at 9.00 pm, at the Teatro Comunale di Marzabotto (Via Matteotti, 1) “Viaggio in un mondo storto”, a show that will perform, in national preview, Ginevra Di Marco (voice), Mauro Corona (narratives) and Francesco Magnelli (idea and artistic director of the show), Andrea Salvadori, Luca Ragazzo.

One of the most beautiful voices of Italian folk music meets the sculptor, mountaineer, writer of Vajont ... in a way through folk songs, original songs (some unpublished) and the words of a poet of the mountain.

At the end of the festival, Sunday April 19, at 4 pm, at Vado (Comune di Monzuno) inside the Municipal Hall in Via Val di Setta, 38 / B (above shop Coop), the show “Chicco di caffè” by Bruno Cappagli and Roberto Frabetti, with Bruno Cappagli. Bruno Cappagli and Valeria Frabetti: regist/ La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi.

“Chicco di caffè” wants to talk to children of other children, wants to tell about working children, childhood, games and dreams: the exploitation of labor in the coffee plantations affects many countries of the world and “Chicco di caffè”, while taking inspired by the situation in Nicaragua, he wants to witness the drama of all the peoples who are its victims.