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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Cantierranti, sound and memory

Canti Erranti su Musica Popolare Italiana

Today we present to you the, "Cantierranti"!

The  musical genre group is influenced by rock, latin and african rhythms, and we can call this kind of music "etno-rock".

The project director is Giampiero Bigazzi. The Cantierranti repertoire consists of  southern and emigration songs, stories of land and labor, women's stories, new and free versions of classics pop-rock, and finally  griot songs composed by t Dembelé Family. Their music is a music without boundaries, sounds and memory.

The group takes part in the show " “Camicia Rossa – Canti e Storie su quei ragazzi che fecero l’Italia” written by Giampiero Bigazzi for Banda Improvvisa  directed by Orio Odori in 2011 and won the “M’illumino di meno”  contest organized by Caterpillar Rai Radio 2 in 2012.

Turn the volume up and watch the video: