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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Instruments: Sicily


  • Mariolu or Marranzanu or ngannalaruni (Jew’s-harp)
  • Azzarinu (sistrum)
  • Friscalettu (flute)
  • Tammurinu (big drum)
  • Ciaranedda (bagpipe)
  • Circhettu
  • Marranzano (musical instrument of the family of idiophones pinch, many are its phonetic variants in Sicily: Mariolu is the term of Palermo, Marranzanu to Catania, Messina marranzuni. Lexical Other variants are: ngannalarruni, nningalarruni, camarruni, malularruni, etc. .)
  • Tambourine (musical instrument belonging to the class of membranophones, is formed by a membrane of skin stretched over a wooden circle, a few centimeters high, which bears within the appropriate slits, a number of small metal plates coupled, rotatable on a wire , in Sicily, ‘commonly called Tambureddu or tammureddu, its appearance, probably dates back to the seventh century BC, during Greek colonization)
  • Friscalettu (reed pipe, musical instrument of the family of aerophones, similar to the flute timbre but more ‘robust and brilliant, and’ consists of a hollow cylinder barrel containing a total of 9 holes: 7 front and 2 rear, the main instrument of complex Sicilian folklore and folk, is usually built in shades ‘of dO-SOL-LA, its name varies from place to place, so you can’ see him as friscaliettu, friscaliattu, friscarettu, etc. friscaloru.; exception San Fratello (Messina)
  • Quartara (used as a musical instrument from the farmers at the beginning of 900, today is an integral part of the complex folklore, is played by blowing into a particular characteristic that determines a sound to be low; Piò be classified in the family of aerophones)


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