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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Dances: Sardinia


  • Ballu tundu (choreographic form dominant in ancient and widely witnessed in the Middle Ages to the Renaissance siono, is now fully justified especially in Sardinia, where there are many variations modular with different names: passu, torrau passu, dillu, Dantza, bicchiri, tsoppu, etc.. , on ballu tundu in recent decades often tends to open up and “show” on the outside, probably this “break” the circle is also stimulated by the increasingly frequent spectacle of the many folk groups, for which the introversismo excludes the look of the dance mother of the viewer from the scene of the space choral); [See specific page on this website:].)
  • Ballu sardu
  • On ballu tondu
  • Cantu to ghiterra
  • The pipiolu


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