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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana




The Muro del Canto is a folk rock group that, through a review of Pasolini, describes a black and white Rome, telling stories of eternal conflicts, issues of love and knife, jealousy and revenge.
The Muro del Canto is a timeless voice, a voice of the people, is the hymn to the earth, is the disenchantment and the serenade. He's a heartfelt song of work, is the ancient lullaby ..
The Muro del Canto is a musical project that moves, awakens and inflames tempers, that makes you cry, smile and dance.
The voice and the lyrics of Daniele Coccia, historical singer of Surgery, percussion and narrator Alessandro Pieravanti. The electric guitar Giancarlo Barbati. Ludovico Lamarra and Eric Caldironi, respectively bass and acoustic guitar, both members of the En plein air band. Poignant is the melody of the accordion of Alessandro Marinelli.