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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



The new CD of Giuliano Gabriele

“Madre” is the title of the new record of Giuliano Gabriele, unveiled 23/04 @ Teatro Nestor of Frosinone.

The album brings together the music of the southern regions in an experimental art project that is the tradition of the Tarantella. Giuliano, as a child, comes in contact with different cultures living his childhood between Italy and France.  His musical sensitivity is materialized in his latest work .

The vision of the tradition, directs him to the decision to compose new songs in dialects of the south  and in Italian , through the use of a contemporary language , fantasy and reality are immersed between past and present .

The musical components: Giuliano Gabriele(Voice & Organetto), Lucia Cremonesi ( Viola , Calabrian Lira and author of several texts ) Eduardo Vessella ( frame drums and percussion ) John Aquino ( guitars ) , Gianfranco De Lisi (bass ) , Gianmarco Gabriele (drums ) and special guests like Antonio Infantino , Francesco Loccisano , Giuseppe Grassi , Gabriele Russo and Goffredo Degli.

“Madre” ​The hypnotic​ Dance’s time

Special Guest: Maristella Martella (Dance)

Giuliano Gabriele: Voice & Organetto
Lucia Cremonesi: Viola
Eduardo Vessella: Frame drum
Gianfranco de Lisi: Bass
Giovanni Aquino: guitar

Directed by William Mussini