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Musica PopoIare ltaIiana



Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, from father to son to the future

From Salento. Forty, the years of full maturity of a man and the years of an artistic journey with a great renewal desire. Music, art, culture blend magically last record work of the Canzoniere grecanico Salentino, the first group of popular music and tradition, born in Terra d'Otranto, certainly the most rigorous in its continuous effort to search that turns 40. Except that today, we are the sons of the founders, in a vision of changing generations of great emotional impact.

A Daniele Durante and Roberto Licci have replaced the children Mauro Durante and Emanuele Licci , the tradition and the cult of the tarantula was joined by a new cultural trend, the timeless myth of tarantism is accompanied by a new dawn of hope.

13 tracks presented in Leccenews24 by group leader Mauro Durante, professional musician and supporter of Canzoniere since he was 14, when his father Daniele took him with him on concerts in the squares. Among traditional music of Salento and arranged by the group customized and new artistic themes Canzoniere launches its international challenge and carves out a place on the stage of contemporary music, traveling the five continents.

The seven young musicians are promoting the new album out April 7th next with a world tour. Just this week they made a trip to Australia and New Zealand, now European events are planned in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria.

The producer of the album is an American and his name is Ian Brennan, reflecting an artistic level of international significance. In the interview speaking on Leccenews24 Mauro Durante illustrates the main innovations of "Quaranta" and explains how it is unveiled in the years the process of change and renewal of the pinch that is the basis of much of the musical production of the Salento and Puglia.